U.S. Virgin Islands Wind Power at 50 Meters

This resource map shows wind speed estimates at 50 meters (m) above the ground and depicts the resource that could be used for community-scale wind development using wind turbines at 50-60-m hub heights.

As a renewable resource, wind is classified according to wind power classes, which are based on typical wind speeds. These classes range from Class 1 (the lowest) to Class 7 (the highest). In general, at 50 meters, wind power Class 4 or higher can be useful for generating wind power with turbines in the 250-kW to 750-kW rating. Class 4 and above are considered good resources. Given the advances in technology, a number of locations in the Class 3 areas may suitable for the new midsize wind turbines.

The map indicates that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have wind resources that can be considered for community-scale production. The best wind resource areas are concentrated on the highest ridge crests and on exposed capes.