Western Utility Announces Wind Energy Expansion to Power 450,000 Homes

Feb. 20, 2018

PacifiCorp, a utility serving nearly 2 million customers in six Western states, announced the selection of four new wind projects to expand the utility’s owned and contracted wind power by more than 60% and to add enough new wind energy to power approximately 450,000 average homes. The four projects, which were selected through a competitive bidding process, will be located in Wyoming. The utility also plans to upgrade the company’s existing wind projects in Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon with longer blades and newer technology, as well as build a new high-voltage transmission line in Wyoming to connect the new wind energy to PacifiCorp’s grid. The cost of the four new wind projects is estimated at approximately $1.5 billion, and construction of the new wind and transmission projects is expected to begin in 2019. Learn more about wind energy in the Western states from the Northwest Wind Resource and Action Center and the Four Corners Wind Resource Center, which receive DOE funding support.