This Utility Wants Excess Texas Wind to Power Electric Cars

March 9, 2018

Bloomberg reports that after Sempra Energy completed its $9.45 billion purchase of the biggest utility in Texas, Oncor Electric Delivery, Chief Executive Officer Debra Reed is eyeing the future of electric cars and batteries in the state. “With the excess wind that’s being produced in Texas during certain hours of the day, there may be some good opportunities for electric vehicles to be used in Texas to consume some of that,” Reed said.

According to the Energy Department’s 2016 Wind Technologies Market Report, Texas installed the most capacity in 2016 with 2,611 megawatts (MW). Although new utility-scale wind turbines were installed in 23 states in 2016, Texas remained the clear leader on a cumulative basis, with 20,320 MW installed. Also find the Energy Department's market reports for distributed and offshore wind here.