EERE Helps American Small Businesses with $43.6 Million for Phase II Innovation Projects

July 15, 2019

American small businesses received a nearly $44 million boost from the Energy Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Small Business Innovation Research program. Small businesses are receiving Phase II Release 2 grants that demonstrate commercial feasibility for innovations during the second phase of their research. Phase II awards range from $975,000 to $1,150,000 with a duration of two years.

The three selected wind energy projects are:

  • Aquanis Inc. of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, is developing a new blade coating that will reduce damage to wind turbine blades caused by lightning by promoting the formation of ionization channels over the surface of the turbine blades. Every year, the global wind industry loses an estimated $100 million or more to damage caused by lightning.
  • Boulder Environmental Sciences &Technology, LLC of Boulder, Colorado, is developing a profiling microwave radiometer to provide accurate assessments of atmospheric stability for offshore wind plants. The system will measure temperature, humidity, and water vapor paths, providing data to improve weather forecasts and provide advance warning about thunderstorms and icing conditions.
  • Helios Remote Sensing Systems, Inc. of Rome, New York, will develop, test, and validate a low-cost, low-power marine atmospheric boundary layer measurement system that can serve as a core element of a buoy-based data collection network for the offshore renewable energy industry. The system will measure wind speed and direction up to 300 meters above the ocean, providing data that are important for offshore wind and for weather modeling.