WETO Invites U.S. Manufacturers to Innovate Distributed Wind Technologies

Jan. 20, 2021

To help small U.S. businesses develop new and innovative distributed wind technology, DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) issued a request for proposals for the DOE Competitiveness Improvement Project (CIP). The CIP calls on small U.S. manufacturers to help make wind energy cost competitive and compatible with other distributed energy technologies by developing new distributed wind concepts and transforming existing designs.

Managed by NREL on behalf of DOE’s Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO), the CIP awards cost-shared subcontracts and technical support to manufacturers of small and medium-sized wind turbines. Since 2012, NREL has awarded 44 subcontracts to 23 companies under the CIP, totaling $10.62 million of DOE funding and leveraging $5.41 in additional private-sector investment.

Download the CIP fact sheet and read the news story to learn more about the project.