U.S. National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium Announces Offshore Wind Supply Chain Road Map Project

May 13, 2021

At the Business Network for Offshore Wind’s International Partnering Forum, U.S. Department of Energy Acting Assistant Secretary Kelly Speakes-Backman announced the launch of a comprehensive U.S. offshore wind power supply chain road map project in partnership with the National Offshore Wind Research and Development (R&D) Consortium, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Business Network for Offshore Wind, State of Maryland, and New York State Energy R&D Authority. The project will gather data through the Supply Chain Connect tool—a database, or information clearinghouse, used by developers to search for suppliers and by vendors seeking to introduce themselves to industry. Once the data are robust, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will evaluate the results and carry out a detailed analysis of current resources and gaps. The project will also characterize the benefits of strengthening the domestic supply chain and leveraging existing strengths.

“Offshore wind will be an important element of meeting President Biden’s goal to achieve a 100% clean energy economy with net-zero emissions by 2050,” said Speakes-Backman. “This project will help us develop a robust domestic offshore wind supply chain that will support tens of thousands of good-paying jobs and spur significant national and regional economic growth.”