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Overcoming Wind Siting Challenges: Overview and Wildlife: A WINDExchange Webinar

Feb. 18, 2015

Siting issues are a complex and challenging aspect of turbine installations for developers. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is finishing research on national siting considerations this spring, and other agencies and organizations have created tools designed to help support wind siting decisions. Join Moderator Patrick Gilman of the U.S. Department of Energy for an exploration of this topic.

  • Suzanne Tegen of NREL presented an introduction to her work on national siting considerations and siting tools to provide the context for this discussion.
  • Taber Allison from the American Wind and Wildlife Institute (AWWI) discussed wildlife considerations relative to wind energy development and the AWWI's Landscape Assessment Tool.
  • Brian Woodbridge from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spoke about the agency's decision-support tools that are integrated into a series of landscape-scale conservation strategies for golden eagles, covering the western United States.

Audio and text versions of the webinar are available (WMV 18.5 MB). Download Windows Media Player. Time: 01:03:20. Text Version.