School Wind Project Locations

This map shows the location of installed and planned school wind energy projects in the United States. Find school wind projects for K-12, community colleges, universities, and more. For more information and data from the schools, see the OpenEI website.

Tips for Using the Google Map

  • On top of the Google Map, use the Country, State, Project Status, and Project Type dropdown lists to filter projects.
  • Along the left margin, use the zooming meter to zoom in or out of your view.
  • In the top left corner, click Reset View to reset all the filters and zooming.
  • Click on Map, Satellite, and Terrain to view the map three different ways.
  • Click and drag the map to move it around.
  • Use the right scroll bar to view the project table below the Google Map.

Tips for Using the Project Table

  • Below the Google Map, you can:
    • See the number of projects based on your filtering.
    • Use the Previous and Next buttons to page through the projects.
    • Click Zoom map to United States to see the default view of the United States.

  • In the project table, you can:
    • Sort the table by project name, city, state, country, size, status, or type by clicking on the heading.
    • Zoom to a project by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the project name.
    • Click on a project name to read more information about that project.
    • Click Back to List to return to the project list.

Add Your School Wind Project

To add your school wind project to this list, please email WINDExchange. Include the school’s name, city, state, the system’s rated kilowatts, and Web address (if available) of your project. We will notify you when your project has been added.