Wind Energy in American Samoa

Capacity & Generation

Installed Capacity 0 MW Source: American Clean Power Association

MW Under Construction no data

U.S. Wind Turbine Database

map of wind turbines in American Samoa

The United States Wind Turbine Database (USWTDB) provides the locations of land-based and offshore wind turbines in the United States, corresponding wind project information, and turbine technical specifications. The creation of this database was jointly funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Wind Energy Technologies Office via the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Electricity Markets and Policy Group, the U.S. Geological Survey Energy Resources Program, and the American Wind Energy Association.

Wind Education & Training

Career training and projects at schools in American Samoa.

Training Locations

There are no wind training programs listed for American Samoa.

Wind for Schools Project Locations

There are no Wind for Schools projects in American Samoa.

Policies & Incentives

American Samoa Incentives

View current American Samoa renewable energy incentives on the DSIRE website.

Renewable Portfolio Standard

There are no Renewable Portfolio Standards for American Samoa.

There are no wind ordinances in American Samoa.

See ordinances in other states or check the DSIRE database of federal and state renewable energy policies and incentives.

AS Cities with 100% Renewable Energy Commitments

There are no cities with 100% renewable energy commitments in American Samoa.

WETO R&D Projects

U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office's Wind R&D Projects Map

To view a list of wind research and development projects in American Samoa funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office, visit the Wind R&D Projects Map and select American Samoa from the dropdown menu.

Wind Turbine Component Manufacturers

map of wind turbines in American Samoa

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Wind Prospector tool is a web-based Geographical Information System that supports resource assessment and data exploration for wind development. Wind Prospector includes a data layer dedicated to the locations of U.S. wind turbine and component manufacturing and supply chain facilities. Corporate headquarters, service facilities, material suppliers, R&D and logistics centers, and smaller component manufacturers (e.g., bolt manufacturers) are not included. The list of facilities included is not intended to be exhaustive.

American Samoa Offices & Organizations

American Samoa, Resilient and Renewable Energy

Information from the National Governors Association.