Wind Energy in Montana

Capacity & Generation

Installed Capacity 1,798 MW Source: American Clean Power Association

MW Under Construction 0 MW Source: American Clean Power Association

Based on EIA data from 2022

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration's Open Data API, Electricity Net Generation.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration. Net Generation from Wind. Updated Annually.

U.S. Wind Turbine Database

map of wind turbines in Montana

The United States Wind Turbine Database (USWTDB) provides the locations of land-based and offshore wind turbines in the United States, corresponding wind project information, and turbine technical specifications. The creation of this database was jointly funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Wind Energy Technologies Office via the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Electricity Markets and Policy Group, the U.S. Geological Survey Energy Resources Program, and the American Wind Energy Association.

Maps & Data

Wind Education & Training

Career training and projects at schools in Montana.

Training Locations

University of Montana School of Law

Montana State University

Wind for Schools Project Locations

There are no Wind for Schools projects in Montana.

Policies & Incentives

1 local wind energy ordinance

Montana Incentives

View current Montana renewable energy incentives on the DSIRE website.

Renewable Portfolio Standard
Renewable portfolio standard
15.0% by 2015
MT Cities with 100% Renewable Energy Commitments

There are no cities with 100% renewable energy commitments in Montana.

WETO R&D Projects

U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office's Wind R&D Projects Map

To view a list of wind research and development projects in Montana funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office, visit the Wind R&D Projects Map and select Montana from the dropdown menu.

Wind Turbine Component Manufacturers

map of wind turbines in Montana

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Wind Prospector tool is a web-based Geographical Information System that supports resource assessment and data exploration for wind development. Wind Prospector includes a data layer dedicated to the locations of U.S. wind turbine and component manufacturing and supply chain facilities. Corporate headquarters, service facilities, material suppliers, R&D and logistics centers, and smaller component manufacturers (e.g., bolt manufacturers) are not included. The list of facilities included is not intended to be exhaustive.

Montana Offices & Organizations

Advanced Power Alliance

The Advanced Power Alliance is the industry trade association created to promote the development of the wind energy resource as a clean, reliable, affordable, and infinite source of power. The Advanced Power Alliance is the wind energy industry’s voice within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) systems, including portions of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. The organization works to expand transmission capacity, increase wind power use within the region, and facilitate wind power export.

Clean Energy Group

Clean Energy Group is a leading national, nonprofit organization working on innovative policy, technology, and finance programs in the areas of clean energy and climate change. The group's projects concentrate on climate and clean energy issues at the state, national, and international levels and include stakeholders from governments and the private and nonprofit sectors. Clean Energy Group assists states to create and implement innovative practices and public funding programs for clean energy project deployment; creates networks of U.S. and international policy makers to address climate stabilization strategies; and advances effective distributed innovation theories, finance, and commercialization tools for new climate technologies.

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

The Energy Planning and Renewables section of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality operates programs such as the Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program that encourages Montana homeowners and small businesses to install renewable energy systems through low interest loans. In addition, the Energy Planning and Renewables section provides information and data on renewable energy across Montana and plays a key role in planning for energy emergencies.

Montana Renewable Development Action Plan

The Montana Renewables Development Action Plan was developed by a consortium of regional partners. It explores the opportunities and barriers related to renewable resource development in Montana and provides recommendations for next steps. This page provides background, links to meeting materials, and upcoming events.

National Center for Appropriate Technology

The National Center for Appropriate Technology provides research-based technical assistance and information in the fields of sustainable agriculture, sustainable energy, and community development.

Renewable Northwest

Renewable Northwest works to expand renewable energy resources in the Northwest through collaboration with government, industry, utilities, customers, and advocacy groups.