Energy Department Recognizes First Utility-Scale Wind Project in Idaho

Aug. 9, 2005

Three men standing with an award

The Carpe Ventem (Seize the Wind) Award was presented to James Carkulis (center), Exergy Development Group LLC, for the Fossil Gulch Wind Park.

On August 9, Wind Powering America Technical Director Larry Flowers and Curtis Framel from the U.S. Department of Energy's Western Regional Office presented the 2005 Carpe Ventem (Seize the Wind) Award to James Carkulis of Exergy Development Group LLC. The Carpe Ventem Award, which honors a state's first utility-scale wind project, was presented to Carkulis in recognition of Exergy's role in the development of Idaho's first utility-scale project, the 10.5-MW Fossil Gulch Wind Park near Hagerman, Idaho.