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Historical Challenges of Wind Energy-Wildlife Interactions and How This May Affect Distributed Wind: An ASES Wind Division Webinar

Aug. 12, 2014

Wildlife interactions with wind energy projects have been a challenge since turbines were first erected in California in the 1980s. Over the past two decades, much research has been conducted to try to understand these interactions so that future projects can avoid, minimize and, where necessary, mitigate for impacts to wildlife. Karin Sinclair, National Renewable Energy Laboratory researcher and chair of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Wind Division, presented a historical overview of the issue, a summary of the federal statutory authority, descriptions of the current challenges and key species habitat distributions, and a summary of the research and collaborative activities designed to address this issue. She also discussed how the challenges experienced by the utility-scale projects translate to distributed wind projects.

Audio and text versions of the webinar are available (WMV 14 MB). Download Windows Media Player. Time: 00:49:09. Text Version.