Distributed Wind Network and Resource Hub Now Available!

March 7, 2024

The recently launched National Distributed Wind Network helps provide expert support for people considering distributed wind energy technologies for onsite and local power needs for businesses, homes, farms, and communities. The network offers fact-based resources, support for your project, and in-person and virtual events. View the recording of the March 2024 National Distributed Wind Network Webinar to learn more. Join the network.

WINDExchange now offers a comprehensive distributed wind energy guide! The Distributed Wind Energy Resource Hub is designed to help anyone interested in harnessing the power of distributed wind energy with a curated directory of basic information, project funding and technical assistance, case studies and success stories, and tools to evaluate your location's potential to determine if you should install wind turbines in your area.

These resources support the Rural and Agricultural Income & Savings from Renewable Energy (RAISE) Initiative, with an initial goal of helping 400 individual farmers deploy smaller-scale wind projects.