How Do I Get Wind Power?

Learn how you can own, partner with, host, and support wind power.

Construct a Wind Project on Your Land

There are wind turbines designed for everyone from residential homeowners to utilities, and from private to corporate use. Small wind turbines can be bought with cash, and commercial-scale projects can be financed. To learn more about small projects, such as those for a home or ranch or business that are less than or equal to 100 kilowatts (kW), see the small wind section of the website.

Partner with Others to Construct A Wind Project

Many wind projects have demonstrated the value of leveraging partnerships around wind projects to allow for sharing risk and reward between individuals, businesses, and corporations. These partnerships can include multiple owners (cooperative ownership or joint partnerships), innovative financing models (equity flip), and third-party power purchase agreements. Such partnerships distribute risk, leverage the skills and strengths and financial capabilities of multiple partners, and access certain incentives that might otherwise not be monetized. At the same time, these partnerships can dilute the direct benefits of wind power ownership.

Host Wind Power for a Utility or Commercial Project

The arrangement between a landowner and wind energy developer is typically a hosting or leasing arrangement. In this relationship, the landowner is paid a combination of fixed and variable rates depending on the prevailing market and project performance. This arrangement offers a consistent and attractive cash flow at little or no financial risk to the landowner. The project’s impact on the landowner can vary depending on the land use at the site. For example, access roads and service traffic have little to no impact on ranching operations but may have a greater impact on tilled land. Hosting arrangements are long term but not perpetual.

Support Wind Power

For individuals who do not own land that is suitable for wind energy development, there are multiple ways to support wind energy or get involved. You can participate in green pricing or green marketing programs or purchase Renewable Energy Certificates. You can also sign up for WINDExchange’s newsletter.

Green Pricing

Green pricing is an optional utility service. Participating customers pay a premium on their electric bill to cover the extra cost of the renewable energy.

Green Marketing

Green power marketing refers to selling green power in the competitive marketplace, in which multiple suppliers and service offerings exist. In states that have established retail competition, customers may be able to purchase green power from a competitive supplier.